Taking a shower sounds relaxing, comforting, and not at all harmful, but what if, it actually could be? Too much of anything is bad, including taking a shower. It's bad for the skin because it could make your skin very dry and wipe the good bacteria off your skin. Not to mention that it is also bad for the environment if you use hot water each time you take a shower. Most people will choose antiseptic or antibacterial soap, and some others prefer soap with certain scents. Little do we know, Antiseptic or antibacterial soaps are actually harmful.

How is it Harmful?

Every human being has "good" bacteria on the surface of the skin and several other organs. These good bacteria are beneficial for health, even for the whole body. What we often forget is that taking a bath or shower too often will release these microbes and cause disease not just for the body but also for the environment. You must be careful in choosing the type of soap for your body. Most people will choose to use antibacterial soap in the hope of "completely eliminating" germs. The use of soap with unique fragrances is just as popular. If the skin is constantly bombarded with antiseptic soap, it can kill good bacteria on the skin, or else it can damage the skin, such as making the skin dry, irritated, and disturbing the pH balance of the skin. Not only for the body, antiseptic or antibacterial soaps contain chemicals that will also harm the environment.

Taking a Bath Should be Good For Your Body and Environment

Changing your soap to organic and environmentally friendly soap is the right first step. For some people, taking a bath or a shower has indeed become a therapy. It should be relaxing, comforting, even fun, and good for your well-being. Soap should not leave a dry sensation, which will turn your skin color a bit pale, or worse, make it easily peeled off when scratched. Instead, it should make your skin soft, moist, hydrated, and uncover the glow of your skin color.

Locally Sourced and Handcrafted in Bandung 

In Bandung, we found this homemade, plant-based, eco-friendly soap and shampoo bars under the name of Sano Living, the all-in-one toiletries. From soap, shampoo bars, loofah, and bath bombs! Launched in 2019, Sano Living comes in a simple rectangle shape with a twist on edge, and its gorgeous, enchanting colors make this pretty little soap too irresistible. They have soap for acne-prone, mild skin, very dry skin, sensitive skin, and even eczema. Using essential oils for fragrance makes their products doesn't overly scented and also gives us extra benefits depending on the extracts. Their natural shampoo bars are just as appealing, they come in round macaroon shapes and just as colorful as macaroons.

A Form of Self-Love

Their goal, as they put it on their Instagram @sanoliving, is to make your skin feel so much better and for you to feel great after helping our planet. SLS, paraben, palm oil-free? Checked. Plant-based? Checked. Eco-friendly? Checked. All homemade and handmade. All their products are also delivered to your door without plastic on its packaging. The relatively cheap price makes us able to see that they are not primarily looking for profit, but they are actually spreading happiness and awareness about the importance of choosing the right products for our skin as a form of self-love and also as a way to show our respect towards nature. 

For further curiosities, you can visit their Instagram @sanoliving and find anything you need and want to know about the benefits of using natural products and about Sano Living itself.