Last March, the Body Shop announced on Twitter that their famous White Musk is now registered as vegan. It also comes in a 100% recyclable bottle. It was also recently reported that by the end of 2023, every item sold by the Body Shop will be vegan. Currently, about 60% of all Body Shop's products are vegan, while 40% are vegetarian and contain animal byproducts such as honey and beeswax. 

Lionel Thoreau, the Body Shop's global brand director, stated, "Our decision to go 100% vegan is a natural next step for the Body Shop." Furthermore, the brand has announced another mission to launch refill stations across 500 stores this year and a further 300 worldwide in 2022. Lionel Thoreau stated, "We want refills to become mainstream – easy and accessible to everyone. This is just our first step in a 5-year plan to roll out refill stations across the globe."

He also added, "Going 100% vegan is a natural next step for us, and vegan beauty is a critical next step in our sustainability and environmental endeavours. This, along with our global refill and in-store recycling programmes, makes the Body Shop a destination for ethically-minded customers," and it does not stop there. It is reported that all of its body and hair care products will be fully recyclable by 2025. As of today, over 65% of the Body Shop's packaging is recyclable. 

Everyone knows the Body Shop has been 100% cruelty-free for a long time, and now as they made a decision to ditch all animal-based products other than to be kinder to the planet, perhaps also because their younger consumers, millennials and Gen Zs are changing their lifestyles to healthier and more environmentally oriented ways, which either way, is excellent.

Some of the big decisions and plans that the Body Shop devised to make them happen in less than five years do sound too ambitious. Nevertheless, this will spur many people, not only the Body Shop people who have to work extra hard to make it happen, but also other brands to follow the Body Shop's steps as one of the most loved beauty brands. In addition, this will also attract more people to use the Body Shop's products and or make more environmentally oriented choices.