Planning your first visit to London as a vegan? You’ll be glad to know that the Big Smoke is one of the world’s leading hotspots for top-notch vegan cuisine, with exciting new vegan restaurants and market stalls opening every day. Keep reading as we introduce the top 10 must-visit vegan restaurants in London, listed in no particular order.

Warning: this guide will definitely make you hungry!

1.    Club Mexicana – Shoreditch

What started as a humble stall in the bustling Camden Market has quickly become one of vegan Londoner’s favorite hangout and dining spots. Club Mexicana offers vegan Mexican street food staples such as loaded jackfruit burritos, cheesy nachos, and avocado-rich soft tacos. Located inside the tropical-inspired Dinerama, this is the perfect place to enjoy a spontaneous, fun dinner in East London – no need to book a table!

2.    Mildreds – Soho

Mildreds is has been a fixture in London’s veggie scene for years, and for a good reason. Rare ingredients and refined ambiance make it one of the City’s most prized dining spots, and the best part is that this fine dining experience won’t break the bank either! We recommend their fiery gochujang tofu noodles and their scrumptious dessert selection.

3.    Temple of Seitan – Hackney

The world’s first and only vegan chicken shop is just as delicious as you would imagine. Here you’ll find crispy seitan chicken burgers, mac n cheese, and finger-licking seitan chicken poppers. You won’t help but let out a chuckle when you notice the butcher shop located right next door. Temple of Seitan is undoubtedly much more popular than its neighbor, so be prepared for long lines and a cramped seating space indoors. This is the perfect meal for a banging takeaway experience, so take the opportunity to plan a lovely picnic – if you manage to catch a rare moment of sunshine, that is.

4.    Unity Diner – Spitalfields

American-style diner and cocktail bar with a cause. Unity Diner is the proud creation of famous vegan activist Earthling Ed, and the delicious food will taste even better when knowing that the restaurant’s profits will go directly to his animal liberation charity SURGE. Pop in for a filling lunch after strolling down the hip Brick Lane, and indulge yourself with their incredible selection of vegan cheeseburgers, hot dogs, loaded fries, and battered tofu “fish and chips.”

5.    Itadaki Zen – King’s Cross

The finest vegan Japanese cuisine to be found in the City. Their menu is 100% organic and health-focused, but they won’t skimp on flavor, and filling portion sizes either. We recommend their bento boxes, creative plant-based sushi sets, and rich udon ramen soups. The tranquil atmosphere with not much seating space available, so it’d be wise to book a table in advance for an unforgettable romantic dinner.

6.    CookDaily – Shoreditch

Global fusion vegan restaurant located in the trendy and busy Shoreditch Boxpark. What you’ll find is more of an indoor stall than a restaurant, but don’t let that discourage you from visiting. Here you’ll be able to sample the most delicious rice, noodle, and curry bowls of your life. All their cooking sauces are unique and made from scratch with love, with heat and flavor at the forefront of the head chef’s vision. The bustling Boxpark is the perfect spot for a hip lunch or dinner with friends, so grab your delicious bowl and take a seat on the many benches that line up this hangout hotspot and enjoy the loud dance music pumping.

7.    222 Vegan – Fulham

Looking for an exceptional dining experience for your last night in town? Look no further than West London’s vegan gem 222 Vegan. Seitan medallions and mash, creamy stroganoff, pumpkin risotto, and plant-based cheese boards are just some of the highlights. Their dessert menu alone will definitely have you coming back for more too. If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, their lunch buffet makes for a convenient and accessible option. Don’t forget to book a table!

8.    Purezza – Camden Town

Camden Town is a must-visit attraction for any tourist in London, and the abundance of vegan restaurants, cafes, and stalls will make the trip even more worth your while. The popular, fully-vegan pizza restaurant Purezza is definitely our favorite out of the overwhelming selection of vegan-friendly eateries in the area. This isn’t the place for your run-of-the-mill vegan Margarita, either. In essence, you will find a vast range of vegan cheeses, mock meat toppings, and vegetable ingredients that will make this an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on their cheesy dough balls!

9.    Black Cat Café – Hackney

An independent co-op vegan café with a relaxed atmosphere, and our favorite brunch spot in East London. Some of the things you will find are delicious sausage rolls, quiches, pizzas, sandwiches, curries, and top-notch cinnamon rolls – the variety alone makes this understated restaurant worth a visit. Black Cat offers tasty, wholesome vegan food at very accessible prices, making it the perfect destination for those who want to get a break from the hefty price tags found in the City.

10. Cookies and Scream – Holloway

So, we might be cheating with this one, as Cookies and Scream are more of a vegan milkshake bar and bakery than a restaurant. But the scrumptious desserts offered are a cheat too, and it would be absolutely unfair to leave this gem off the list! Indulge in their rich brownies, cookies, cakes, pies, and of course, their signature milkshakes. These are crafted from a blend of vegan ice cream and nut milk, using cookies and brownies as a base, and finished off with finger-licking sweet sauces, including bourbon sauce and peanut butter melt. Cookies and Scream make sure all customers can find something to munch on as well, as all their delicious bakes and milkshakes are gluten-free too!

Photo by Chris Schippers from Pexels