Famous for its laneways, culture, bustling nightlife, and temperamental weather, Melbourne is also home to a host of diverse vegan restaurants. The vegan lifestyle is well and truly thriving in the city. From vegan gelato bars to fine-dining restaurants and everything in-between, it's no wonder Melbourne has become a mecca for vegans. We've rounded up the top ten vegan restaurants and cafes in Melbourne. 

1. Smith and Deli 

Recreating the classic neighborhood deli, but without the animal products, Smith and Deli is famed for its vegan deli meats, doughnuts, croissants, and plant-based pantry items. The sandwich list is long, and the team members are always down to a chat over the counter. Head there early on the weekends - the line for their sandwiches is known to stretch around the block.

2. Vegie Bar 

A bonafide Melbourne institution, Vegie Bar is the original haunt for Melbourne's vegans and vegetarians. With a menu that spans multiple cuisines, Vegie Bar is the place to go when no one can decide on what they feel like eating. You can't book at Vegie Bar, so if you rock up and need to wait for a table, head out the back to their bar to sip on one of their signature cocktails. 

3. Transformer

The epitome of fine dining, Transformer is tucked away off Fitzroy's bustling Brunswick Street. This is the place you take your out-of-town family to show them that vegan and vegetarian food is more than a fad - it's a dining experience defined by plant-focused innovation. Opting for their 'Feed Me' menu will have dish after delectable dish delivered to your table. 

4. Matcha Mylkbar

Head down to St Kilda to treat yourself to an effortlessly cool brunch. From matcha green burgers to mushroom and blue algae lattes, Matcha Mylkbar has been shaking up the cafe scene ever since it launched in 2016. 100% vegan, these guys, and gals create Insta worthy brunches that taste even better than they look. They also have one of the best menus in town - Matcha Mylkbar doesn't shy away from a punů 

5. Red Sparrow Pizza

Nailing vegan cheese like no other pizzeria, Red Sparrow Pizza's famed wood-fired pizza is something to drool over. Boasting a menu that rivals traditional pizzerias, Red Sparrow offers both pick-up and delivery options. We recommend the Patatas Bravas - potato on pizza is a match made in heaven. Trust us, there won't be any leftovers when you order from Red Sparrow. 

6. Girls and Boys 

Fancy a guilt-free dessert trip? Girls and Boys is calling your name. Nestled beside Vegie Bar, you'll find vegan treats and desserts that'll satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. It's hard to believe that their soft serve and gelato are completely plant-based. If you're looking to recreate those childhood memories of summer, they also do a mean ice cream sandwich. While there are a few seats inside, we recommend grabbing a cone to go and window shopping your way down Brunswick Street. 

7. Trippy Taco 

What's better than Mexican food? Veggie and vegan Mexican food! Trippy Taco's cozy shopfront on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy is sure to be your next hang-out destination. Their wide range of tacos will please the whole gang, and their bean burrito is out of this world. If the weather is good, sit out at the communal tables on the footpath and watch the trams rattle by while you are devouring your charred corn on the cob followed by a Mexican soda. 

8. Smith and Daughters 

This vegan restaurant goes where others haven't dared - serving up plant-based Italian food to the masses. While a tricky task, Smith and Daughters nail it perfectly. Housed in one of Melbourne's oldest pub buildings, the vibes are high here, with the decor resembling a hybrid church/tattoo parlor. Make sure you book in advance! Smith and Daughters is a popular joint, and rightly so - there are few places serving up vegan food as addictive as this. 

9. The Green Man's Arms

Looking for a pub meal? The Green Man's Arms is the place to go. Headed up by talented Israeli chef David Raziel, you'll find a menu that features seasonal dishes, both vegetarian and vegan. From the freshest of falafels to decadent eggplant schnitzel, this is gastropub food with a delicious twist. If you're looking to flex your general knowledge muscles while you eat, The Green Man's Arms also hosts a popular trivia night.

10. Yong Green Food 

A haven for gluten-free and celiac vegans, Yong Green Food utilizes organic, diverse, and often raw ingredients to create dishes that cater to a whole range of dietary and lifestyle needs. Sit amongst dragon murals and paper lanterns as you dive into the world of raw nachos and lasagne. The staff here are so welcoming, and their menu features a number of raw desserts.