Famous for its culinary sites, Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia and the main port for the eastern part of Java. Therefore, it's not a surprise to see their plant-based movement is on the rise. Though their vegan options are still limited, finding the vegan version of their traditional dishes such as Rujak Cingur, Rawon, and Lontong Balap is now getting a lot easier. 

If you're in the area or plan to visit the city, here are our top 10 picks of vegan-friendly restaurants, and takeaways are worth trying when you visit the city of heroes! 

1. Pagoda Loving Nature Cuisine - Pasar Atom & Undaan

Founded in 1977, Pagoda has won the heart of the vegetarian/vegan eaters in Surabaya. Famous for its traditional Indonesian food, Pagoda also serves Chinese and seasonal delicious vegan snacks. So if you fancy a chill afternoon cafe vibe accompanied with dairy-free coffee lattes and snacks, make sure to visit their Undaan branch! 

2. Freshful by Greenly - Pakuwon Mall

Initiated by Greenly, one of the biggest and most popular salad chains in Surabaya. Freshful is a beverage chain that serves plant-based alternative drinks such as boba, latte and smoothie. Offers oat and soy as their milk alternatives, Freshful is absolutely a guilt-free treat to fight the sweltering hot weather in Surabaya! 

3. Nude Bake - Online Bakery

Think vegan bread is bland and not as soft compared to regular bread? Then, give Nude Bake a shot! Try their Roti Sobek and Babka, which comes in a few flavours. You can directly contact them at any Frutamix stores around Surabaya or place your order online since they only have limited choices offline. Don't forget to grab their vegan spreads (@nudespread) to accompany your bread; they both go perfectly and taste amazing! 

4. Hatiku Vegan - Online Takeaway

Looking for vegan western food? Hatiku serves pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream, and birthday cakes. Fellow vegan Surabaya admires their pizza, which you can customise and make it Gluten-Free (GF). Besides, they also occasionally sell Vegan Hotteok, a Korean fried sweet pancake. Unfortunately, they are currently only available for online takeaways but very responsive and easy to reach!

5. Sini Aja Kafetaria - Kanjeng Mami - Kapasari

You're vegan but craving the taste of Surabaya's local dishes? Head to Sini Aja Kafetaria! We love how it offers vegan alternatives to local favourites like Bakso, Rujak Cingur, Rawon and Lontong Kupang. The main ingredient of this dish is Kupang (white mussels). In addition, daily vegan catering is also available, so it is recommended for you who has a packed schedule. However, please note that not all the menus are suitable for vegans, so please don't hesitate to ask them for the special vegan menus!

6. Pranidhana ID - Online Takeaway

PAY AS YOU WISH! Yup, there's no minimum amount to pay for the food you order from Pranidhana; make sure you pay your delivery cost- a flat rate of 15k since they are only available online. Food is awesome! Menus are changing every week (primarily Indonesian food), but you can also get the frozen/ ready to heat one. Ayam Geprek is undoubtedly one of the crowd's favourites!

7. Sajor Major - Online Takeaway

Sajor Major brings together our favourites! Our tummies are eternally grateful. From appetiser to dessert: Beef Burger, Chick'n Finger with mayo garlic aioli, nice cream and more. Here you'll find 100% Vegan burgers without having to ask for modifications. Not only did they serve up some tastiest burgers in town, but they also owned Eco Bulk Store @mamaramah.ecobulk. No wonder we were amazed by how eco-friendly and sustainable their packaging was when the food arrived!

8. Cheerful Vegan Bistro & Bakery - Online Takeaway

Think vegan food is boring? Cheerful Vegan Bistro is here to prove you otherwise. Feast your eyes on an all-vegan menu with so many options. The menu changes regularly, but you are guaranteed all the food is delicious and comforting. If you have special events, you can order their Vegan Nasi Tumpeng. And! If you are a sweet tooth, their bread and cookies are also worth trying!

9. Peas & Loaf - Online Bakery

We must admit we are excited to try Peas & Loaf. This online Bakery is owned by a Food Science and Technology graduate. Their Madeleines are far beyond what we expected. Available in 3 flavours (Orange, Lemon and Earl Grey) and they are all heavenly moist and delicious, perfect for breakfast or tea time. We are sure their muffins will win your heart too! Another plus point is that Peas & Loaf packaging design is fancy, very suitable for looking for gifts.

10. Manis Alami Bakery - Online Bakery 

Are you a bread person? This online Bakery makes irresistible Sourdough, bread and cakes! Even better, all of their menus are vegan-friendly. This Bakery is unquestionably suitable for Celiac-suffers as well since most of Manis Alami Baked Goods are Gluten Free and diabetic friendly.

11. Vegan Festival Surabaya 

This festival is the biggest vegan festival in Surabaya, it usually held once a year( 3-4 days), but it is currently on hold due to the pandemic. So if you'd love to find more about vegan places in Surabaya, we recommend you to come through this festival; it's free entry anyways! Not only are there a lot of vegan foods, but there will also be a cooking demo, workshops, talk shows and many exciting activities!