Root The Future, Bangkok-based vegan media, hosts the first sustainable and vegan market in the country known for its vibrant street food. Collaborated with Union Space, the market was created to change consumer behavior towards sustainability by providing the local community with locally sourced products. 

Root The Future founder's Joanna Broomfield and Max Hellier told us. "We wanted to shed some light on how we can use this time as a 'mass reset.' While companies are re-establishing their new normal, we want to be a force of change." 

Featuring almost 20 different vendors, the market was held on Sunday, July 19th, at Union Space from 12 noon - 4 pm. Visitors are free to enter the market to enjoy some of the most mouth-watering plant-based food the city has to offer from cheeses, cakes, to a vegan burger. As the market was located next to a cat cafe, visitors can also play with adorable adoptable kitties after enjoying a vegan burger or some vegan ice cream. 

All visitors are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags and containers to buy some local produce, refill stations or take out. And for those who are new to all things sustainable, the market also offers products that can help them kick off their zero-waste lifestyle. 

Joanna Broomfield and Max Hellier highlighted, "There are quite a few 'green' or 'eco' markets in Bangkok, but none also consider the sustainability of the food we eat (and none that are single-use plastic-free). So that is how the Root The Future plant-based & sustainability market was born! We also thought this would be a great way to connect plant-based and sustainable businesses with consumers while promoting the entire movement."

The market successfully attracted more than 600 visitors to the event, and triumphantly raised 29,000 baht from their fundraisers, donations, and adoptions. According to Joanna, almost all the vendors were sold out, which shows the visitor's enthusiasm toward plant-based food and a more sustainable lifestyle!