Alongside Bali's colourful plant-based food scene, Indonesia's leading plant-based food chain Burgreens is finally joining Bali's vegan food scene. Located at Pantai Batu Mejan Street, Burgreens Bali brings a whole new excitement to the island's dining scene and comes with a panoramic view of lush and picturesque rice paddy fields.

While bringing the iconic Burgreens menus to the new flagship store, Burgreens Canggu introduces a laid-back dining experience with a tropical atmosphere with a bohemian chic interior combining sleek rustic decors. For their furniture at the restaurant, they are using special eco-friendly pieces made of 500 kg of recycled plastics!

With the opening of Burgreens in Bali, people of Bali can also enjoy Green Rebel - plant-based alternatives of beef and chicken crafted by chefs, nutritionists, and food technologists to achieve optimal nutrition with a minimum carbon footprint. Signature products include Beefless Steak, Beefless Rendang, Taichan Chick'n Satay, and Cheddar Cheeze. Green Rebel products can be purchased directly from Burgreens Canggu and resellers in Bali.

"Bali is a heaven for vegan foodies, and we're thrilled to open a Burgreens flagship outlet in Bali and to join the community of healthy and eco-conscious food lovers. Through Green Rebel, we would also love to collaborate with as many restaurants as possible in Bali to introduce plant-based menus as part of our action in taking care of Mother Earth and our health. For Green Family, launching products in Bali became an important culinary milestone to cater to the diverse communities in Bali", said Helga.

Enjoy the Bali sun and breeze while dining top-notch local vegan foods in Burgreens all day long. Burgreens is open from 8 am to 10 pm, catering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For more information, visit their Instagram page @burgreens or their website