Vegetarians, vegans, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts alike must already be familiar with Burgreens. As a pioneer of vegan restaurants in Indonesia that has successfully attracted people from many walks of life, Burgreens is now presenting GreenKind as the first One-Stop Healthy & Eco Living Solution in Jakarta, featuring more than 1,000 healthy and environmentally friendly products from 350+ local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

GreenKind combines the concept of Healthy Dining and Green Shopping in the form of a grocery store that provides healthy and environmentally friendly products. Burgreens and GreenKind co-founder Helga Angelina said in a press release, "In response to consumer needs and as a form of concern for the Earth, we present GreenKind, a specialty grocery store with a selection of products made from natural ingredients that also ensures peace of mind for consumers regarding their quality and traceability. This is in line with Burgreens' vision to make a healthier and more sustainable life inclusive and enjoyable.”

The arrival of GreenKind proves to be an exciting occasion, especially for green and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, including pop singer Cantika Abigail who said in a statement, "I am delighted that GreenKind has arrived. So far, it has been quite difficult for me to find daily necessities that are plant-based and environmentally friendly. With GreenKind, my shopping can be more practical without having to put a lot of effort in checking the labels and ingredients one by one."

She continued, "I believe the products I buy at GreenKind are vegan-friendly and sustainable. Another convenience is that I can find all of my groceries and home and personal care needs in one place. To me, GreenKind is the practical solution to an enjoyable healthy life experience. It’s healthy and sustainable shopping made easy!”

Let’s check out GreenKind’s line-up of products!

1. Wholesome Ingredients. Plant-based cooking essentials, including various types of organic rice, sourdough bread, dairy-free, and egg-free pastry, nuts, herbs, and seeds as well as a wide range of ready-to-eat plant proteins from Green Rebel and other healthy frozen food brands.

2. Healthy Snacks and Beverages. A variety of healthy snacks such as gluten-free cookies, trail mix (energy-dense snack), and low-oil orek tempe (scrambled tempeh). For beverages, a host of fresh and nutritious drinks, such as kombucha, are also available at GreenKind.

3. Plant-Based Wellness and Nutrition products that are important for supporting a balanced and healthy plant-based life, such as superfoods and supplements.

4. Clean Beauty is a series of personal care products that prioritize eco-friendly ingredients and are safe for sensitive skin and eczema-friendly, including shampoo, moisturizer, face and body wash, and body lotion.

5. Sustainable Home & Living products for the best home cleaning experience, such as cleaning kits and supplies and soy-based aromatherapy candles, all ensured to yield minimal waste.

6. Mother & Baby is a series of snacks for your little one, vitamins and supplements for breastfeeding mothers, dairy-free breast milk boosters, and other baby-friendly household products.

Furthermore, GreenKind aims to empower local SME or UMKM heroes that embody the green concept by enabling them to access the retail environment. Currently located in Jakarta and Tangerang. GreenKind will also be available via website and on e-commerce platforms in the near future to better satisfy demands outside of Jakarta and ensure simpler access for customers across Indonesia.

GreenKind is available at Burgreens Menteng, Burgreens BSD (The Breeze), Burgreens Pacific Place, and Burgreens Oakwood. “After completing a healthy and eco-friendly shopping experience at GreenKind, consumers can enjoy mindful eating with nutritious cuisine at Burgreens in the same place,” concluded Helga. Don’t forget to follow GreenKind on Instagram to stay updated!