Meet Andrew Zimmern, a four-time James Beard Award winner, an Emmy winner, a celebrity chef, a writer, and a social justice advocate. He's also the creator, executive producer, and presenter of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods series, Andrew Zimmern's Driven by Cuisine, and the Emmy-winning The Zimmern List. He's spent his life studying and promoting cultural acceptance, tolerance, and understanding via food. In 2020, he returned to television with What's Eating America on MSNBC, followed by Family Dinner in 2021.

His work as a social justice advocate is supported by City Harvest's Food Council, the International Rescue Committee's Voice for Nutrition, and the United Nations World Food Programme's Goodwill Ambassador. Andrew is also a founder member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition to preserve eateries that have been impacted by Covid-19.

Andrew Zimmern has recently become an advisor for Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-based food-tech startup that offers a plant-based meat product, TiNDLE. TiNDLE is a ‘ridiculously good’ chicken that’s made from plants. The vegan chicken was first released by Next Gen Foods in March 2021, and it has since become well-known across the world. TiNDLE is currently accessible at restaurants in Dubai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Kuala Lumpur, and it is on its way to the United States thanks to Zimmern's assistance.

In one of his interviews, chef Andrew said he was surprised how the texture successfully mimics chicken, The texture mimics chicken to a tee and the flavor profile is surprisingly juicy and flavorful. It doesn’t taste like wheat or soy pretending to be chicken. It cooks and presents like chicken. I think the product is amazing.” 

Chef Andrew Zimmern Slowly Shifting to Plant-Based

Chef Andrew is already famous for his contribution to the food industry. However, he says he wants to emphasize cultural tolerance, including sustainable foods. It is rumored that he is also trying to reduce his meat consumption as part of the climate and all the interrelated issues of unsustainable food production.

He has done some fairly unethical stuff in the past, including eating fermented shark and horse-rectum sausage, but then he read about how reducing meat consumption could add up to nine years of life, so he started reducing his meat consumption. He admits that he does not think he will be able to be a vegan, he says, “If I tried to go all-in on this, I’m never going to make it,” he says. “I’m going to relapse on meat tonight.” 

Before TiNDLE, Andrew has tried some other plant-based food brands but those are not as good as TiNDLE in terms of flavor, aroma, and texture. He served two dishes to demonstrate the product at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival: a TiNDLE parm slider and crispy TiNDLE and waffles with hot-honey ice cream

Chef Andrew Zimmern will also act as a brand ambassador for TiNDLE in addition to providing counsel and business advice for the future. Learn more about Andrew Zimmern, TiNDLE, and Next Gen Foods for further information about the movement and products!