The cosmetic manufacturer behind popular local brands such as BLP Beauty, Somethinc, and Luxcrime is earning more recognition for establishing an environmentally conscious industry. Now, with the Expertise Végane Europe certification in hand, there’s a guarantee that no animals were and will be involved in the company’s overall production. 

“This certification is given for the company's efforts to provide a guarantee to not involve animals, both in the process of obtaining raw materials, packaging, as well as the entire production and innovation process.”  Stated Cheong Min-Kyoung, the President Director of Cosmax Indonesia. He also stated that obtaining a BPOM and halal certification was only the first step to accelerate sales. Now with a vegan certification, it will be easier to provide the needs and desires for clean and safe cosmetics to consumers in Indonesia.

As a top global company engaged in research, development, and production of cosmetic and health products, they’ve acquired other international certifications such as COSMOS from ECOCERT that ensures consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural, GMP to verify their good manufacturing process, and ISO for quality assurance. 

Cosmax Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Seoul-headquartered cosmetics maker, Cosmax Group. They recognize the demands for safe and sustainable products in the beauty market and the challenges in developing effective vegan formulas. They’re constantly working together with local partners to push innovation in the Indonesian beauty industry. 

Back in 2020, they conducted a joint research with ITB Pharmacy School on native Indonesian botanicals for cosmetic formulation purposes. The research is intended to introduce Indonesian botanicals and Korean technology to the world. Together, they conducted prototype tests, clinical trials, development then registered these plant-derived cosmetic materials to the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM), where they will be marketed internationally through the Global Network Cosmax Group.

The company also introduced phyto-chemical, a so-called miracle chemical derived from fruits, vegetables, and seeds that can be utilized for cosmetic formulations. This naturally-derived chemical feeds the skin with nutrients and is classified into four different color groups: purple (from blueberries or eggplants, serving as radical fighters), yellow/orange (from pumpkins, for anti-aging and other benefits similar to retinol), green (from chlorophyll-rich vegetables, for cell-regenerating), and white (from white vegetables, serving as an anti-bacterial).

Cheong Min-Kyoung, the President Director further explains: “Indonesia, being one of the largest producers of natural resources in Southeast Asia, has the potential for the development of phyto-chemicals that can be obtained from the vegetative variations offered by this country. Phyto-chemicals are also considered to be popular this year as part of a healthy, natural, and clean beauty lifestyle.”

Their certifications, contributions, and business practices prove that they’re committed, and not just in it for the profit. Furthermore, Cosmax Indonesia puts sustainability into practice by using solar power for their main factory. All these efforts had placed them as the market leader of conscious beauty in Indonesia!