Leading the way in premium beverage innovation, CY Beverages, established in 2016, has taken a significant step towards healthier living with its latest product, the Plant-Based Crème.

Launched at the SIAL InterFOOD event from 8-11 November 2023 at Jiexpo Kemayoran, this groundbreaking creamer offers a health-conscious alternative, boasting a gluten-free, lactose-free, high fiber, and zero cholesterol profile.

The introduction of the Plant-Based Crème is a testament to CY Beverages' commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles. K.C Ong, the Business Development Director, emphasized that this creamer is designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern consumers, including those with lactose intolerance, vegans, vegetarians, and individuals conscious about cholesterol levels.

The crème is perfect for enhancing the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and matcha drinks and is conveniently available in popular supermarkets like Grand Lucky, Market City, Lotte Mart, Kemchick, Ranch Market, Farmers, Hypermarket, and online at Shopee and Tokopedia.

K.C Ong elaborates, "In today's fast-paced lifestyle, health is paramount. We believe in making healthy products widely accessible. The CY Plant-Based Crème is our answer to consumers' desire for enjoyable, yet health-friendly, creamers."

In line with the launch of the plant-based creamer, CY Beverages has also expanded its matcha product line. The Pure Matcha series, sourced from Japan's Shizuoka region, features seven unique variants such as Pure Hojicha and Pure Genmaicha.

These stand out for their natural composition, devoid of artificial colors and sugars, and are versatile enough for use in beverages, cooking, and even as natural skincare solutions.

Additionally, CY Beverages has responded to the growing demand for plant-based beverages with its innovative 3in1 series, offering lactose-friendly matcha lattes in flavors like Honey and Black Soya, Toasted Oats, and Roasted Almond.

Rita, the Brand Manager, highlights CY Beverages' dedication to serving a broad audience, including the rapidly expanding vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based communities. For more information, consumers can directly contact CY Beverages or visit their website.

With these latest innovations, CY Beverages reinforces its role as a leader in the premium beverage market, continuously adapting to and embracing the evolving health trends and preferences of today's consumers.