Fore Coffee, one of Indonesia's coffee start-ups, and Green Rebel, Indonesia’s food tech company that creates meat and cheese alternatives, teamed up and launched a fully plant-based menu called The Meatless Deli. The Meatless Deli features sandwiches with 2 choices of savory, delicious, and flavorful sauces namely Caesar Sauce and Truffle Sauce. Both sandwiches are made with Green Rebel Beefless Steak and Green Rebel Vegan Cheeze. Priced at 49K on food delivery platforms. The Meatless Deli is now available at 74 outlets all across 28 cities in Indonesia.


Fore Coffee shared in the official press release, that the idea of The Meatless Deli starts from the increasing demand from its customers who ask for a tasty yet healthier alternative. They also hope those who have never tried a plant-based menu can experience and try it for the first time and realize that plant-based food can be as tasty. Vico Lomar, Co-Founder & CEO, of Fore Coffee, highlighted Fore Coffee's commitment to this launch, “Our customers are the source of our inspiration in creating. We continue to be committed to bringing more value-added products to the people of Indonesia.” 

Vico continued, “This year, Fore Coffee is further sharpening its focus to educate and introduce its customers to a range of products that are not only delicious but also better in nutrition and the quality of ingredients. The Meatless Deli is a form or manifestation of our commitment to invite Indonesian families to open their taste buds and experience the delicacy of plant-based products that are savory, delicious, and highly flavored. We are really excited because we were able to fulfill one of these on our checklist this year, and of course, we will continue to bring more essential creative innovations and valuable for the people and consumers of Fore Coffee throughout Indonesia!”

Vico also highlighted “Many people think that plant-based foods are only for those who follow a plant-based diet.” Therefore through this collaboration, both Fore Coffee and Green Rebel would like to inform that plant-based food can actually be consumed by everyone. With high nutrition, low fat, and low cholesterol, this plant-based sandwich menu is suitable for everyone to enjoy who is looking for delicious, healthy, and safe food options for the whole family. 

“We are grateful to be able to make this collaboration a reality with Fore Coffee, a lifestyle brand that is loved by millions of people in Indonesia. We certainly hope that this is the start of the next exciting collaboration with Fore Coffee!” said Helga Angelina Tjahjadi, Co-Founder & CEO, of Green Rebel. Lastly, Vico added, “We invite Fore Coffee consumers and Indonesian families, both first-timers or those who enjoy the plant-based foods, to come to taste the scrumptious plant-based menu and prepare to be amazed by the deliciousness of The Meatless Deli products! As a special offering from Fore Coffee and Green Rebel, of course, we hope that this sandwich can become a favorite choice for Indonesian families!”