Meet Seb Alex, born and raised in Lebanon, Seb Alex grew up and became a Lebanese vegan activist. To pursue his career in Sustainable Architecture, he moved to Europe in 2011. Having worked with the UNHCR's refugee program for a year, he took the opportunity to enter the corporate world and work as an international coordinator of projects for an architecture company in Barcelona. Finally, he decided to leave the company to dedicate his life to what he truly loves: Animal Rights Advocacy. 

Seb Alex has been a vegan for 6,5 years now and used to be a vegetarian for 8 years before. In his interview with Vegan Origo, he said that he thought people do this (being a vegan) for their health until later he found out the truth behind all other animal products and also about ethical veganism, and that's what made him become a vegan. "It was for the animals," he added. 

As a Lebanese, Beirut's explosion last Tuesday on August 4th really broke his heart. He was just done packing for his flight to Lebanon when he received the news. He wrote on his latest post on Instagram, "No matter what the cause, my heart aches for all those who lost a loved one and all those who are suffering." 

Quick information regarding the explosion, it came from a warehouse storing thousands of tons of an unsecured and volatile chemical compound. Cited from Brut America, Secretary-General of Lebanon's Higher Defense Council, Mahmoud al-Asmari said that 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate typically used as an agricultural fertilizer had been stored for six years at a warehouse in the Beirut port without safety measures. 

Ammonium nitrate itself is a chemical substance predominantly used in agriculture for the manufacture of fertilizers, but ammonium nitrate must be stored according to strict rules, away from flammable materials. The substance has been found present in many industrial accidents and criminal acts around the world. 

This devastating incident has made Seb Alex launch a fundraiser to provide healthy plant-based food for the victims. He said he would also check if any non-human animals need help for any medical attention. You can see more about his profile on his website and donate food to victims on