While the pandemic has shifted consumers' eating behaviour in ordering more food through online food delivery, it has also increased the awareness of healthier eating habits. Aim to provide customers with affordable, healthy, and tasty plant-based food while at the same time accelerating the local plant-based industry in Jakarta, Indonesia, Mad Grass is now open as the world's first plant-based collaborative space and cloud kitchens located in Jl. Asem Dua No.27, Cipete Selatan, South Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Offer a wide variety of plant-based food choices from Indonesian, Japanese, Western, to Chinese Peranakan, like burgers, ramen, coffee, pizza to vegan gelato, Mad Grass has curated and brought together some of the best local plant-based brands under one roof, such as 100 Wraps, Baona Party, Cincau Cuan, Green Inc, iVegan Pizza, Kinkitusya, Kyuri, Mad For Coffee, Nutsy Bowl, Orvia, Plantelicious, Prana On and Sematjam

Since April 2021, Mad Grass has been operating through online food delivery platforms like GoFood, GrabFood and TravelokaEats. Customers could choose between ordering the food from each tenant delivery platform or from Mad Grass online food delivery platforms, a unique aggregate order where customers could mix their orders from all the tenants with just one delivery cost. Mad Grass has also launched its own ordering website platform, www.madgrass.id, where customers can order for pick up, delivery, or dine in. 

Aside from its online platforms, Mad Grass accommodates a spacious outdoor dining area to answer the growing shift of consumer's preference of eating out amid the prolonged social restrictions on community activities during this pandemic time. Focusing on creating a space that sparks collaboration, Mad Grass also introduces a dedicated pop-up kitchen to welcome chefs or other FB brands to kick off or offer a new fresh concept to elevate and excite the plant-based cuisine in Jakarta. 

"Since the plant-based industry is still growing compared to the other food industries, the effort of collective brands is more important than ever to move the industry landscape significantly. Therefore, we are creating a concept where we can mediate the effort of multiple brands to create groundbreaking initiatives that push forward the plant-based industry," said Arvin Budhi Santoso, one of the Co-founders and the CEO of Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens. 

Arvin continued, "With those ideas in mind, we gather people with complementary expertise to ensure Mad Grass has the best chance to succeed. That's where Firmansyah Mastup and Chandra Revo, the founders of Indonesia's leading plant-based media, Jakarta Vegan Guide, join the team as co-founders of Mad Grass. While I am focusing on business, data analytics, finance and strategy. Firmansyah, with his ten years of F&B background, helped the operation and Revo, with his marketing expertise, helped the company's marketing presence to help Mad Grass grow and scale-up." 

Besides promoting a plant-based lifestyle, Mad Grass aspires to encourage more sustainable living and educate and uplift the community by collaborating with several local, sustainable brands like Bulk Source, Rekosistem, and ALAS Circular Packaging