Academy winner actress Kate Winslet is narrating the new coming documentary, Eating Our Way To Extinction. Highlighting Earth’s problem on the catastrophic existential threats right under our nose caused by our eating habits in hopes for the audience to question their everyday choices, industry leaders, and government officials.

This Broxstar Productions’ documentary is displaying how destructive the production of the food we consume, especially when it comes to animal agriculture. In the United States, 56% of freshwater is used to raise livestock and irrigate feed crops. This “confronting and entertaining” documentary is going to link dire issues of climate change and ecological collapse to the food we eat as well as debunking the myths around veganism and a plant-based diet. 

With the problems that we are currently facing such as ocean warming & acidification, water and food scarcity and biodiversity loss, this documentary is aimed to be a wake-up call to the public. As it may empower the viewers to improve their life choices. “There are so many people out there that care, that have a lot of love for this world.” states Otto Brockway – director of Eating Our Way To Extinction in the interview with LiveKindly, “They have a lot of common sense and they understand that the planet is in crisis. But perhaps, because of the lack of information, they haven’t quite realized yet just how bad our eating habits are.”

Through this documentary, a message of change is encouraged, world-renowned contributors like Sylvia Earle, Former Chief of NOAA, Sir Richard Branson, and Tony Robbins will be featured to educate us about how the food we consume impacted the destruction of the world. Numerous well-known scientists will also participate in the documentary, such as Dr. Marco Springmann – Future of Food, University of Oxford, Prof. Peter Wadhams – Arctic & Ice Expert, University of Cambridge, and Dr. Tara Garnett – Food Climate Research Network, University of Oxford.  

Eating Our Way To Extinction is available at the US and UK cinemas on September 16 for one night only. “Avoiding animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, will have a profound impact towards a sustainable future for our planet.” directly quoted from their website, “We all have the power to make an impact. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – three chances to change the world for the better. Are you Eating To Extinction, or Eating For Tomorrow?”