Tens of thousands of workers took part in the third day of a nationwide protest and strike against the polarising new job law that critics say will harm workers and the environment. Over 400 people have been detained in the past three days. Two students and six police members were seriously injured while 11 public facilities were damaged during the Omnibus Law demonstration, from police posts to bus stops to restaurants.

UU Cipta Kerja or Omnibus Law is designed to improve the Indonesian economy from the government's point of view. However, seen from the contents of the law, many of them are very risky to workers' welfare and the sustainability of Indonesia's environment.

Apart from receiving many rejections and protests from Indonesian citizens, foreign investors also have warned President Joko Widodo regarding the Omnibus Law's impact on Monday, September 5. In addition, it is feared that the Omnibus Law could endanger our forests. 

Several articles in UU Cipa Kerja are considered to be harmful to the environment because the articles that function to ensure environmental safety have been removed to make investment easier. 

One of the problematic ones is Articles 24 to 29. Previously, an Environmental Impact Analysis or Amdal was a requirement for an environmental permit, and an environmental permit was a requirement for a business license. But now, environmental permits are part of business licenses. The status of Amdal is no longer a requirement that must be fulfilled, but as a factor to be considered. 

Article 88 of 32/2009, which functions to ensnare companies who are destroying forests and land, was also removed. Previously, if there was a forest fire, anyone had the right to file protests and lawsuits, but this was omitted in this draft. Those who are entitled to file a lawsuit are those who are directly affected. 

Not only that, it will endanger the environment; the efforts to fight for environmental sustainability have become more complicated than before. On the other hand, they have made permits for companies to exploit land easier.

Photo by Arif Maulana on Unsplash