Pioneering the plant-based meat in Indonesia, the startup food tech Green Rebels is collaborating with Pepper Lunch & Kimukatsu to launch the Beefless Steak and Chick’n Fillet over 60 outlets in Indonesia. Driven by the increasing interest of the public in plant-based lifestyle, this collaboration targets the people that are starting their plant-based journey or are flexitarian. This collaboration is also part of Green Rebel’s’ #SWAPYOURMEAT movement, where they encourage people to consume plant-based options for our health and also for the Earth.

Through this collaboration, Pepper Lunch has created the plant-based version of its signature menu – the Pepper Steak, thus with Green Rebel, they launched 2 plant-based menus such as the Beefless Steak and Beefless Curry Rice. Kimukatsu has launched in total 6 new menus with plant-based katsu, Super Katsu & Masshupoteto inspired by East and West collaboration that combines mashed potatoes and katsu. 

Chikara Healthy Salad & Katsu is the right choice as it serves crispy katsu with fresh vegetables and Teishoku SuperKatsu Set is the full menu consisting of katsu, rice, cabbage salad, and miso soup, unfortunately non-vegetarian. These three menus allow customers to choose the Katsu variant between Beefless or Chick'N according to their liking. 

“Don't worry about the taste, Green Rebel Beefless Steak and Chick'n Fillet is made by combining food tech and culinary arts to keep the taste, texture, and aroma of animal meat products," states Max Mandias, Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Green Rebel in the press release. Green Rebel’s Beefless Steak is made out of shitake mushroom and the Chick’n Fillet is made out of soy without GMO, making it cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat, and high in fiber.

 "Boga has a vision to always innovate to enrich the culinary experience in Indonesia. The launch of the "Plant-Based Meat Series" is very relevant and aligned with our vision" added Kusnadi Rahardja, the President Director of Boga Group. 

All these menus can be ordered from 28 June 2021 in 36 outlets of Pepper Lunch in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Pekanbaru area, and 13 outlets of Kimukatsu in Jabodetabek from 11 September 2021. Customers could also order Pepper Lunch through online delivery services like GoFood, GrabFood, Shopee Food, and Traveloka Eats.