As the number of vegans are increasing in the past few years, many business owners in the F&B industry decided to add more plant-based foods on their menu. After Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Juicy Marbles comes offering the first filet mignon made from plants. All-natural, protein-dense, high-quality ingredients and unsaturated fats, Juicy Marbles creates a juicy steak full of flavors and aroma from soy protein.

What makes them different then most other mock-meat products, Juicy Marbles offers raw and unseasoned meat. The Chief Brand Officer of Juicy Marbles, Vladimir Mickovic, stated, “The allure of meat is not just texture or flavor, it’s also simplicity of preparation. A sprinkle of salt, sizzle on the pan, and boom – you have a tasty protein on your plate.”

Just like any other mock-meat product, the hardest part is to get the right fiber alignment to get the meat texture. According to Luka Sincek, one of the co-founders of Juicy Marbles, “The biggest challenge was getting the right fiber alignment and intramuscular fat structure – the marbling. The most expensive steaks in the world are known for their lush marbling. It takes a lot of energy and a rare breed of cow to attain that. With plant meat, we control it and, thus, can scale up our steak production and bring down the price over time. Eventually, we’ll be able to make the most premium meats attainable for everyone.”

However, filet mignon by Juicy Marbles comes with a price. It cost around USD 81.59 for their A5 Filet Mignon, which is unsurprising because they created their own Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000 to mimic muscle texture layering soy protein into linear fibers.

Bringing it to a whole new level, Juicy Marbles also writes! The Juicy Times is one of their very unique selling points as they have published six articles (so far) about agriculture, veganism, the meat industry, and nutritional info on their website. 

With catchy illustrations combined with dashing, bold, and straightforward copywriting and many references from pop culture, Juicy Marbles interacts better with their audience and customers and can attract more of the youth. If people are not interested in buying the plant-based filet mignon, some people will be interested in reading their noteworthy articles and vice versa.

Needless to say, Juicy Marbles is not the first or even the second option for vegans or flexitarians to consume. However, it proves that more and more brands are emerging to support the movement, and since veganism has become a lifestyle, this means it will at least draw the attention from those who are maybe not even vegans to try!