The threat of climate change has been haunting us for too long and up until now, there has been no visible step and bold move from the authorities to overcome it. The Indonesian Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, recently stated that the world has a bigger threat than the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change. "Climate change is a global disaster whose magnitude is estimated to be the same as the Covid-19 pandemic," she stated. 

Sri Mulyani said that the main cause of this climate change was massive development which increased our community mobility. This will also lead to greater energy consumption and also reduce the world's natural resources. "Similar to a pandemic, no country can be free from the threat of climate change. Even like a pandemic, countries that are not prepared in terms of health and fiscal capacity and discipline, let alone the ability to get their vaccines, will probably be hardest hit by the impact of the pandemic, " she explained. 

One of Indonesia's steps to mitigate the impact of climate change is to reduce the use of carbon emissions with a plan to issue a carbon tax. This carbon tax has been submitted to the DPR RI and is expected to be implemented soon next year. In addition, Indonesia will also have a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) bond. Currently being reviewed by international institutions. 

If it continues like this, Indonesia will most likely experience the damage of the climate crisis worse than other countries. In this pandemic condition, it is clear that Indonesia is lagging behind in its efforts to contain Covid-19 compared to other countries, so when the threat of disaster comes, Indonesia will be much more chaotic than other countries.