Starbucks’s commitment to offering plant-based options might seems like a great milestone. Especially in the Asia Pacific region, where the demand for more sustainable and healthier options started to overgrow in the last few years. However, many people, especially those adopting a plant-based diet and vegan, were disappointed with their decision to use the term plant-based even though the meals still use animal-derived ingredients like cheese and dairy. 

Back in September 2020, Starbucks Thailand launched several new plant-based options that later received mixed responses from media, including Root The Future, a Bangkok-based media focusing on sustainability and a plant-based lifestyle. In an article titled “Starbucks’s Not-So-Plant-Based Menu Arrives In Thailand” They found out that Starbuck’s new plant-based menu still contains cheese and dairy. 

Similar to what happened in Thailand, On February 1st, 2021, Starbucks Indonesia announced the launch of its plant-based menu at 57 select stores across Greater Jakarta and Bali, which still contains animal-derived products such as cheese and dairy. Received many feedback and requests from its customers, Starbucks finally launched two new fully plant-based meal options. 

Featured in their ‘Summer Yaycation’ package, the new plant-based meal options include the BBQ Plant-Based Meatballs Sandwich and Plant-Based Chocolate Rasberry Cake. And this time, they are using 100% plant-based ingredients, which means now vegans can enjoy these two new menus. The new plant-based options and their other new summer menu are available at all Starbucks stores in Indonesia, and the Starbucks Delivers service, starting July 1st to September 5th, 2021. 

In an official press release, Liryawati, the Chief Marketing Officer of Starbucks Indonesia, said, “You can also experience the new way of enjoying Starbucks food choices, made using 100% plant-based ingredients with everything customers love about their Starbucks favorites. In the upcoming days, we will also reveal a new plant-based milk option as an alternative to dairy, soy, and almond milk for those who love to customize their beverage.” 

Helga Angelina Tjahjadi, the co-founder and CEO of Green Rebel Foods & Burgreens, explained in a press release, "We want people who frequently go to coffee shops and fast-casual chains empowered to make healthier & more sustainable choices. Working with nationwide QSRs helps us realise our mission to make plant-based foods accessible. We are excited to work with global brands to start incorporating plant-based offerings and are truly honoured to work with an iconic & progressive brand like Starbucks.”