Good news for frequent AirAsia travelers! Green Rebel, a pioneer food start-up offering alternative protein in Southeast Asia, has partnered with Santan by AirAsia, the leading airline from Malaysia, to bring healthy and delicious dishes from three Southeast Asian countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines - to regional flights. For vegans who often struggle to find vegan food on airplanes, your journey just got easier!

Passengers bound for Malaysia can savor Pak Nasser's Plant-Based Nasi Lemak, a plant-based version of the iconic Malaysian dish. For those heading to the Philippines, there's a delectable and appetizing Sisig vegetarian option. Passengers flying to Indonesia haven't been left out either, starting from July 25, with two plant-based choices: Nasi Rendang with cassava leaves and signature Padang green chili sauce, as well as Rendang with Coconut Rice available from August 17.

Helga Angelina Tjahjadi, Founder and CEO of Green Rebel, stated, "We're proud to be AirAsia's first partner in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Together, we're aiming to create the sensation of healthy and delicious food while caring for our planet."

Cutting-Edge Technology for Authentic Taste

The Santan catering team has innovated by replacing meat in well-known dishes with Green Rebel alternatives. The Malaysian Nasi Lemak now features Green Rebel Chick'n Chunks and eggplant curry, long beans, and potatoes. The Filipino Sisig, typically relying on pork, now utilizes Green Rebel's Plant Mince with authentic Filipino spices. There are options for Rendang with Coconut Rice and Nasi Rendang in Indonesia, featuring Green Rebel Beefless Rendang, cassava leaves, and green chili sauce.

How can the taste and texture of meat be replicated in plant-based food? The answer lies in Rebel Texturization and Rebel Emulsion. With this technology, the authentic taste and texture of real meat can be achieved in plant-based dishes. Green Rebel products effectively absorb flavors and seasonings, and can be cooked at high temperatures, suitable for Asian-style cuisine.

Healthy and Environmentally-Friendly Choices

It's not just about taste; it's also about positive environmental impact. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research shows that Green Rebel's plant-based meat products have a lower environmental impact compared to local animal meat.

This collaboration isn't just about delicious food; it's about contributing to our planet. The partnership between Green Rebel and Santan by AirAsia represents a journey of taste and awareness, aligning with the spirit of young people who care about quality of life and our environment.