You may have heard about Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, and thanks to The Green Butcher, now Indonesia can get their ready-to-eat "meat" easily and locally. The Green Butcher, a part of the Burgreens family, is the first alternative "meat" company that offers all-natural, MSG-free, no refined sugar, gluten-free, and 100% plant-based "meat" alternatives. 

Max Mandias, the Co-Founder of Burgreens, stated that he aims to healthify people's favorite comfort foods. "Human and planetary health are intimately connected. That is why we believe that the future is plant-based. People will make the shift as long as there are flavorful, affordable, and healthy options. Our promise is to healthify people's favorite comfort foods, 100% from plants. Nourishing you and helping the planet, one meal at a time.", Max said on The Green Butcher's Instagram Account. 

We often see vegan recipes are westernized and complicated, while actually, the most important part is the nutrition. It should be easy and simple, and sometimes its "complexity" makes people think twice to try cooking plant-based food. On July 3rd, The Green Butcher made their Instagram debut to let us know that there are so many plant-based recipes that are delicious and easy to make. 

Concentrating on their three main product categories: Vegan Protein and Snacks, Chick'N, and Beefless, they share plant-based recipes on their Instagram account such as Nasi Ayam Suwir, Sate Maranggi, and a simple salad. From Mushroom Patty and Balls, Chickpea Sausage, Vegan Gyoza, Chick'N Bao, and many more chicken and beef choices, The Green Butcher satisfies our healthy desires, nutritious, and guilt-free comfort food. 

As of today, The Green Butcher has partnered with Duck Down Bar, Pippo, and La Paella by creating a special menu using The Green Butcher's products such as Mediterranean Chick'N Dog and Japanese Beefless Curry for Duck Down Bar, Vegan Sausage and Charred Cauliflower for La Paella, and Beefless Stew, Truffle & Mushroom Lasagna, Saffron & Asparagus Risotto, and Roasted Vegetables Pizza for Pippo.