Companies like Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat may be the first names in mind whenever someone asks us to name a plant-based meat company. While it's not wrong, the plant-based meat industry has grown significantly over the past few years, and companies start popping up everywhere, including Asia.

Unlimeat is an alternative beef product made by Zikooin, a South Korean food manufacturing company. Unlike the typical plant-based Meat, which resembles minced Meat, Unlimeat comes in several forms, including slices, just like how one would find Meat in  Korean BBQ restaurants. 

Additionally, Unlimeat also offers Galbi-flavored Unlimeat Dumplings. What makes Unlimeat unique is that the products are made using upcycled grains, oats, and nuts that otherwise would have been thrown out due to physical imperfections. 

The ingredients then undergo a process using Zikooin's patented Protein Compression technology, which yields the final product. In each serving, Unlimeat products contain 25.1g protein, double the amount of protein in traditional beef, and 5g more than meats from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Not only that, but Unlimeat also contains no cholesterol and trans fat. 

As the leading South Korean plant-based meat company, Zikooin partnered with multiple restaurants and held pop-ups around the world this year before the pandemic, making stops at cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, in order to further promote Unlimeat by incorporating their product into local dishes such as the HK Satay Beef Sandwich during their pop-up in Hong Kong. 

Today, Unlimeat can be found in various retailers and the fast-food chain Subway in South Korea. It is also available in places like Hong Kong and the United States, with further expansion plans that include countries like Malaysia, China, and Singapore later this year. Click here to find out what our U.S based contributor, Gerald Malvin, think about Unlimeat!