Although the number of vegans and interest in veganism has increased rapidly, surprisingly, a lot of people still find it difficult to find vegan food in restaurants in many countries, including in Scotland. Even in developed countries, this movement still requires more attention and innovation.

Recently, a new 100% vegan food delivery service launched in Glasgow, Scotland. A plant-based cooperative venture called Vegan Wheels plans to partner with cafes and restaurants in the city and donate all the profits to animal charities. Andy Yeung, the owner of Vegan Wheels, decided to quit his job in a kitchen and make something to bring a better life to animals.

As of today, Vegan Wheels is currently in partnership with The Glasvegan. Arita Bereza, the owner of The Glasvegan said in one of the interviews, Vegan Wheels is a fantastic new project that combines everything we would want in a delivery partner. Every small business needs a hand in the beginning, and we're happy for Andy to use us as a test location. She also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with a small co-op rather than the big delivery services.

Last March, the Vegan Society conducted a survey which found that plant-based diets are strongly supported in Scotland. 30% of the people in Scotland believe that the government should promote plant-based diets to address the climate crisis, 67% of those who want the government to promote plant-based diets think that there should be more campaigns to raise public awareness on the health and environmental benefits.

The partnership between Vegan Wheels and The Glasvegan is a small step on a big journey to take this movement to a bigger realm. Andy also stated that he is planning to expand Vegan Wheels to non-food-related vegan products, and it is a relief to know that all the profits will not end up in places where they harm the environment nor hurt animals.