Many people had a whoa" moment after watching The Game Changers on Netflix. While the movie has received many critics for lack of scientific evidence, it was eye-opening and, just like its title, game-changing. In an IGTV video that has already been watched by over 89.000 people, Indonesia's renowned host, VJ Daniel, shared his take on the movie and how being vegan for 100 days changed his life. 

Daniel Mananta, or mostly known as VJ Daniel, is an actor, entrepreneur, presenter, producer, and runner. Blown-away with the fact that many world's records were broken by athletes who were adopting a plant-based diet, VJ Daniel decided to try a plant-based diet after watching The Game Changers.

After researching more related to a plant-based diet, VJ Daniel later discovered a vegan meal program from Less Salt Diet. At first, VJ Daniel was worried that the food would be bland and tasteless. However, he was surprised that eating plant-based both tasted good and made him feel good. 

He said, eating plant-based doesn't make him feel like missing out on his favorite comfort food like Soto Ayam and Padang food as Less Salt Diet provides dishes that taste similar using a plant-based substitute. He also stated that he doesn't crave salt anymore, and the vegan meal plan from Less Salt Diet has helped him reduce his salt intake. 

Received a lot of feedback from his friends and relatives about his plant-based diet. VJ Daniel shared with his followers that he is experiencing good changes in his body. Despite all the myths that many people believed, the newly adopted diet has made him fitter and even more energetic than he was before. 

Though the Tokyo and Berlin Maraton is canceled due to the pandemic, his progress did not go up in smokes. On August 30th, 2020, VJ daniel completed a full virtual marathon and successfully outdid himself by reaching the finish line in 4 hours and 25 minutes, beating his previous record from his last Munich Maraton, where he came to the finish line in 4 hours and 48 minutes. 

VJ Daniel said to his 1,8 million followers that the marathon and plant-based diet has helped him become the best version of himself. He concluded and said, "I look better, I feel better, I eat better, my skin is better, my energy is better, my training is better, and everything is so much better. All the hard work is definitely worth it." 

Actively encouraging a healthier lifestyle to its followers, VJ Daniel is now incorporating 85% plant-based on his diet. He believes our lifestyle and the food that goes into our body are very important to improve our lives.