In line with the increasing number of vegetarians and vegans in Indonesia, especially in the capital, people involved in the food and beverage business see this opportunity to improve their businesses by providing various vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly menu choices. This trend is appreciated by many people and not only among vegetarians and vegans but also other people who seem to enjoy the diversity of restaurant choices.

One of which is RIVA Restaurant at Wyndham Casablanca. Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta offers a wide choice of restaurants and bars. You can enjoy an early breakfast, a quick or extensive lunch, a dinner, and a delicious cocktail with local ingredients. You can relax on one of their unique outdoor terraces and enjoy the view until long after sunset.

On November 3rd, RIVA Health hosted a healthy-lunch themed event called “Everything You Wanted to Know About a Vegan Lifestyle, but You Never Dare to Ask” with Paolo, the General Manager at Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta, and Simran Nanwani, a Registered Plant-Based Nutritionist and Yogi & Mental Health Advocate as the guest speaker.

Freshly prepared by their in-house chef, daily, RIVA Health provides vegan options on their menus, such as Vegan Eggplant Canneloni, Vegetable Curry, and Vegan Mousakka. They also serve kombucha and detox shots to compliment your healthy meals.

RIVA Health Restaurant strictly follows industry best practices in food safety standards and prepares every meal using the freshest ingredients to create wholesome and healthy meals for every guest. It also has procedures in place to look after the welfare of its diners during the COVID-19 pandemic.