June, 15th 2024
Sunflower Seed Milk
Tue, 19 October 2021
  • Servings 3 Servings
  • Time 30 Minutes
  • Difficulty Beginner
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  • 500gr Raw Sunflower Seeds
  • 750ml Water
  • 2 tbsp sugar or any sweetener of choice
  • Pinch of salt (optional)


  • Wash and rinse the sunflower seeds.
  • Take 50gr sunflower seeds, separate from the rest.
  • Then, boil these raw sunflower seeds for 10 minutes. The water could get murky, rinse it off and wash the sunflower seeds using filtered water once more. Let the sunflower seeds cool before proceeding.
  • Slightly roast the 50gr separated seeds. Just until light brown.
  • Next, blend all these ingredients in a blender with 750ml water and add salt (optional).
  • Blend until smooth using high speed.
  • Prepare a nut cloth and strain the milk out of the blender and into a large bowl.
  • Squeeze and strain the moisture out. You can use the remaining pulp into a smoothie for extra protein!
  • Chill and enjoy your sunflower seed milk!