September, 21st 2021


Deliciousness From Your Kitchen
Vegan Deep Fried Sushi
Ingredients:700gr Steamed Rice2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar1 Tsp Sugar1 Tsp Salt2 Large Nori Sheets1 Large Kyuri9 Slices of Pickled Bell ...
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Vegan Ikan Bakar Dabu - Dabu
Ingredients:5 Pcs Vegan Fish Cutlets (We Used Vegan Tuna Cutlets)1 Tbsp Coriander Seed Powder1 Tbsp Turmeric Powder3 Sliced Garlics5 Sliced ...
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Vegan Nasi Tumpeng
Nasi Kuning Ingredients:220gr Rice (Rinsed)8cm Turmeric, Grated1 Pandan Leaf3 Lemongrass4 Kaffir Lime Leaves4cm Galangal4cm Ginger200ml ...
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Vegan Lebanese Lamb Pilaf
Ingredients:8 Pcs Vegan Mutton1˝ Cups Basmati RiceĽ Cup Lentils1 Eggplant or Zucchini, SlicedOil for FryingSome Salt and Pepper to Taste5 ...
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Vegan Fish n’ Chips
Ingredients:1 Whole Fresh Banana Blossom (Jantung Pisang)Grape seed Oil for Frying1 Cup All-Purpose Flour1/2 Tsp Salt1 Tsp Chopped Fennel ...
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Vegan Dendeng Balado
Ingredients:90gr Dried Shiitake Legs (Soaked Overnight)13gr Cornstarch 20gr Vital Wheat Gluten1 Tbsp Soy Sauce (Local Kecap Asin ...
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Nasi Campur Bali Vegan
"Ayam" Sisit BaliIngredients:500 grams shredded shiitake leg3 Bay Leaves (Daun salam)4 Kaffir lime leaves (Daun jeruk)140ml coconut cream1 tsp ...
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Authentic Mexican Tortilla Wrap
Ingredients:4 tortillas260 guacamole360 gr salsa510 gr sour cream1 cup Mexican rice1 cup mashed pinto beans Dill and cilantro for ...
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Vegan Schezuan Noodle Soup
Ingredients:1 block of silken tofuA handful of bok choy (blanched)A handful of watercress12–15 shiitake mushrooms, sliced8 oz glass noodle (...
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